Which Professional Sports Pay the Best?

Photo Credit: arturodonate via photopin cc

Photo Credit: arturodonate via photopin cc

There is little doubt that the professional sports can pay athletes a tremendous amount of money. But which sport pays out the most money for their athletes? The answer to that question may not be as simple as it seems since the difference between the top and bottom in terms of salary is substantial.

Which Sport Pays the Most Money?

It really depends on how the question is asked, but those in the US may be surprised that the highest paid athletes are in soccer. Each of the major international leagues, such as the Barclay’s Premiere League for example, pay their players on average more than any other professional sport in the world.

However, if you look at the 50 highest paid athletes in the world, then a diverse number of sports are represented. All four major professional team sports in the US are represented, along with auto racers, soccer and tennis players, golfers, boxers and even a cricket player.

How Professional Athletes Spend their Money

There is how much athletes make and then there is how much they keep. As we’ve seen with past athletes such as Mike Tyson, just because they earn a great deal of money doesn’t mean that they can keep it. What follows are two athletes on divergent paths in terms of their wealth.

Allen Iverson’s Net Worth

Certainly one of the most electrifying NBA players in the past two decades, Allen Iverson was considered one of the best and richest stars of professional basketball. His years with the Philadelphia 76rs showed Iverson at his best, capping it off by taking the 76rs to the NBA finals in 2001. While not quite a Michael Jordan, he is considered one of the greatest to play the game. However, despite all the accolades, awards and money earned, Iverson has filed for bankruptcy.

From 1997 to 2013, Iverson earned an impressive $155 million in his career. However, in late 2012 indications of his actual financial state came about when he could not pay his bills and the true state of how much was worth was revealed. Although, he does have a Reebok trust fund worth $30 million, he cannot touch the funds until 2030.

John Cena’s Net Worth

From the NBA to the WWE, John Cena is one of the most successful and prominent professional wrestlers in the world. His rise in the WWE began in 2002 and he has managed to translate his appeal across generational boundaries. Today, John Cena is estimated to have a personal worth of $35 million with his brand generating close to $100 million.

Unlike Allen Iverson, Cena is known for being rather frugal with his money and has invested it wisely. Other than a large, luxurious mansion in Florida which he purchased for roughly $1 million, Cena has husbanded his earnings quite well.

The Future of Salaries in Professional Sports

There is little to indicate that professional sports will cut back on their salaries in general. The overall growth of most professional sports, particularly the NFL and soccer indicates that salaries will continue to rise.

However, the addition of salary caps in certain sports does act as a limiting factor which may keep certain athletes from earning as much as others.

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