Retired Professor Donates History Archives To Local College

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A retired Glendale community college professor has impressed students, colleagues, and media resources worldwide as he, in the act of ultimate kindness and selflessness, donated important history archives to the library of a local college. Professor Emetrius Carlos Ugalde, who is recently retired, donated the first volume of the archives of the association of Latin American students, and Latino and Latin American studies to the local college back in October 22nd 2013.

His extremely generous donation is actually the first volume of three, chronicling back over 30 years of the association of Latin American studies. The entire three volumes will chronicle over 30 years from 1980, up until present day 2013.

Professor Ugalde, began teaching back in Glendale Community College, back in 1980, and was actually the very first Latino professor to teach Latin American studies and history at the college. This is quite remarkable as Latino students make up less than a quarter of the population of the college, averaging just 22%.

This figure has barely changed over the past three decades. Uglade retired back in the year 2008. This donation that he made is even more humbling and impressive, as his documents and artefacts could very possibly be worth a considerable amount of money, and teachers generally don’t make that make much money.

Why are faculty donations so important?

Faculty donations, just like the one that professor Ugalde made to Glendale community college, are so important because they can offer insight into specific studies and research. Ugalde’s for instance, helped Latin American studies to advance and be taken that little bit more seriously. His documents and his 50,000 plus images helped save the college a small fortune. Faculty donations can be anything that help out a school, college, or university.

Text books, artefacts, documents, images, files, all are acceptable and all will be greatly appreciated. Schools and colleges don’t get a great deal of funding from various government programs, so any donations, so matter how big or how small, will all be very greatly appreciated.

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