Skilled Workers And Entrepreneurs Immigrate To Canada, Requirements Not Stringent

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British Columbia, CA is becoming a more popular for people who are looking for a peaceful place to live. They do this by opening a new business or expanding an existing business to this Canadian territory. Additionally, however, they can also do it through the Federal Skilled Worker provision.

Canadian authorities are clear that they want to encourage job creation along with economic development not only in British Columbia but the whole country as well. The website states that this opportunity is open to anyone.

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The business component of the BC PNP offers accelerated immigration for investment-ready and qualified entrepreneurs ready to invest and settle in BC, and become permanent residents of Canada.”

Nevertheless, not everyone has the wherewithal to make a major investment in BC. Immigration to Canada is another matter that needs a lot of attention and preparation.

Here is useful information about the Federal Skilled Worker provision. It is obvious that engineers, lawyers, and doctors are included in this list, but the scope of this provision is somewhat bigger, actually. A person with an associate degree, like for instance a paralegal, may also be considered a skilled worker. This gives an opening to people who may otherwise not qualify. To facilitate entry into Canada, getting an associate degree might be helpful. It does not take very long to get an associates degree, and there are plenty of online and offline resources available.

Take note, an associate degree is not a guarantee, but associate degrees have recently become quite popular and people who want to migrate to Canada should seriously consider this option. But it must come from an accredited academic institution.

“English as a second language” is one of the most common degrees offered by British Columbia. This course is very popular and is perhaps one of the top choices not only in British Columbia but in the rest of Canada as well. Bilingualism is quite common in the country; particularly in Quebec.

You can enter Canada using a study permit, but you need to be working on an accredited associate’s degree. The immigration procedure will be hampered if you are in a program that is not accredited. If all the requirements are in place, the procedure for admission through a study permit is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is pick a local school in British Columbia, apply for an associate’s course, gain admission, and then proceed to apply for the permit.

Full-scale immigration is much more complicated than the application via study permit. Individuals are trying the latter route because it is more streamlined. Both can lead to permanent residence in Canada. However, even if you are given permission to enter Canada through a study permit, it is mandatory for you to return to your own country. Full emigration will definitely take more time.

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