Paralyzed Cat Finds Unlikely Friend

Paralyzed Cat Finds Unlikely Friend

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If there was one thing that people could rely on, it was that cats and dogs didn’t get along. Hollywood even made a pair of movies about evil cats trying to take over the world and the secret agent dogs who stop them. Then came the pictures of cuddling and embraces. And then social media sites like YouTube got flooded with a spate of incredibly cute and heartwarming videos of interspecies love. That was when the tipping point was reached and the barrier fell. Cats and dogs don’t have to be lifelong enemies and thanks to stories like that of Idgie and Ruth, we’re addicted to the idea.

Ruth is a paralyzed cat who can only get around by using her two front paws to drag her body around. Add to that picture Idgie, a smaller dog, a dachshund, who becomes her inseparable companion. Both were found abandoned under a highway in Florida and have become a bonded pair, with Idgie being extremely protective of Ruth.

In fact, during the rescue attempt, Idgie snapped and growled whenever anyone drew close to her feline friend. Cats purr for many different reasons but with Ruth, it’s a sign of pure contentment at having her best friend with her. Both girls are inseparable and are being housed together at a local pet store while a proper home is being found. Their friendship is only one of the cute, unlikely cat and dog friendship stories floating around the web

Then there’s the story of DeBeau and the Clark Family. DeBeau was an orange and white tabby cat that moved in with the neighbors of the Clark Family. He went into whatever house he pleased whether there was a dog or not and just perused the landscape. The Clarks had a Lab named Jake and despite their effort to keep DeBeau out of the house because of Jake, he wandered in anyway and curled up next to Jake.

The Lab was confused but went with it and eventually they became friends. Pretty soon, Jake, DeBeau and the Clarks started hanging together and when the Clarks had to move, they got permission from their neighbors to take the tabby with them.

These are just a couple of the thousands of stories that have gotten the attention of millions around the globe. In a world where there seems to be conflict on a daily basis anywhere and everywhere, stories like these are a nice reminder that even so-called enemies can find ways to become unlikely friends.

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