5 Expensive Houses Famous People Have Bought and Sold

photo credit: Atwater Village Newbie via photopin cc

photo credit: Atwater Village Newbie via photopin cc

When famous people move out of their houses, they tend to go for a little more than they bought them for. This may seem odd to someone who doesn’t really pay much attention to the fame that people draw in, but for fans of a certain celebrity, living in the house that their favorite celebrity once spent time in is incredibly thrilling. This article will cover five different house that famous people have sold in the past and the amount that each house sold for. Enjoy!

1. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey

When Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey left their house, they put it on the market. Surprisingly, even though the house was very expensive, it was bought rather quickly. In the end, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey sold their house for $12.9 million. This is much more than most of us would ever dream of having at one time, but it made someone very happy!

2. Kandi Burress

Kandi Burress spent a bit of her nest egg on a new house totaling a cool $1 million. This luxurious abode is an incredible purchase for such a small amount of money (to a star at least) and will more than likely sell for over $1 million whenever she chooses to leave the house and put it back on the market. It’s nice to be a star isn’t it?

3. Petra Ecclestone

Incredibly, Petra Ecclestone purchased the Spelling Mansion for $85 million. The home and property and both enormous, making the price a little more reasonable, but $85 million for a house is still an incredible sum of money. Even more incredible, her sister Tamara was looking at a property in the same neighborhood that would have cost her $100 million.

4. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods made a hefty sum of money off of winning all of the tournaments he did (especially with the commercials and sponsorships that he took a part in.) Therefore, it won’t surprise some of you that he dropped $60 million on the Jupiter estate located in Florida. This estate is incredible, as it should be for $60 million!

5. Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart currently owns the Palm Beach Mansion in Florida. The mansion originally cost him a moderate $12.5 million, making it much cheaper than some of the others listed in this article, although it’s hard to call the sum of $12.5 million cheap.

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