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Which Professional Sports Pay the Best?

There is little doubt that the professional sports can pay athletes a tremendous amount of money. But which sport pays out the most money for their athletes? The answer to that question may not be as simple as it seems since the difference between the top and bottom in terms of salary is substantial. Which Sport Pays the Most Money?… Read more →

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Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

How is your brain doing right this minute?  Does it need some mind-blowing facts?  Take a look at these interesting facts. Let’s start with some interesting facts about dreams. While sleeping, part of your brain activity generates the vivid images during the rapid-eye movement sleep called REM sleep. It is here that you can be conscious in a dream. Lucid… Read more →

Paralyzed Cat Finds Unlikely Friend

Paralyzed Cat Finds Unlikely Friend

If there was one thing that people could rely on, it was that cats and dogs didn’t get along. Hollywood even made a pair of movies about evil cats trying to take over the world and the secret agent dogs who stop them. Then came the pictures of cuddling and embraces. And then social media sites like YouTube got flooded… Read more →